BUUR Copenhagen - was founded by Thomas Buur Bækgaard in 2017 in Copenhagen when research on a book topic proved a theory wrong.

The failed book project would instead fuel a dwelling dream to start a watch company.

Not confined by any rules or dogmas BUUR only promises to create and design watches that are durable, of high quality, and that we ourselves find interesting.

By creating watches through passion and creativity, we hope and believe to find an audience who share our vision.

BUUR does not care whether you male or female, young or old, tired or excited, but we do hope that the watch will make you happy.

First line of watch prototypes were finished in 2019. Heavily delayed by Thomas’ constant need to tweek details on the designs. Production has not yet begun.

BUUR cph

Thomas Buur Bækgaard
Founder, designer, janitor, sales, everything.

Copenhagen, Denmark
email: buurcph@gmail.com